During the covid-19 crisis, everyone has been struck with feelings of isolation and loneliness, and many musicians have lost their incomes.  I wanted to make a musical project about the pandemic, and to celebrate the musical community in Southern Minnesota.  From this, Songs From Home was born.  It's a collaborative effort, and I got the oppurtunity to work with many talented artists and musicians.    

I'd like to thank all my awesome collaborators for making this project special: 

Ocho, Smilebro, Mary Clare Stroh, Matthew Ruff, Jacob Ross (Chief), Luke McGreavey, and Anssi Tenhuen

This project would not be the same without you.  

To hear more about the project, read the stories that the Faribault Daily News and Mankato Life were kind enough to write.  You can also read my blog post or watch my video series.

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